Friday, 6 April 2018

More titivating while I wait for the DVLA docs to come back.

Today I had a few hours on the car in the "nice" weather and did the final things.  I finished off the windscreen. It was all cut and marked up from the wooden template so just needed the rubber seal fitting and screwing together.  I then chopped down the wipers and fitted them too. They still need a bit more work as they keep bending or pulling the cable out of the motor!

Next up was to chop the seat bolts down a bit as they keep grinding on speed bumps.  A nice quick job using an angle grinder from my Grandad.

The final job was to refit the LED headlights Id bought and make up some plugs and connections for the DRLs so they switched to amber indicators and back when signalling.  I removed the grille, removed the nosecone indicators and then made up a new connector and cabling for the switching indicator.  Trialed it before fitting and....

And with one fitted....

The final final job was to give it a good wash and wax ready for the moment my documents come back and I can drive it.

Some shots of the LED Lights at Night....

 LED Indicators..

Dipped Beam

Full Beam

A rear shot with LED tail lights and number plate

Side lights still give off plenty of light

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Post IVA Mods

Today I sent off the registration paperwork, cheque for the "admin fee" for the DVLA to do their job and Tax along with 10 other bits of paperwork and documentation.  While waiting I did a few other little jobs.  I started fitting the windscreen.  I cut the aluminium frame to size then trial fitted it.  So I didn't break the glass, I made a wooden template, it looks a bit silly but will only save me money in the long run!

Once trial fitted, I removed it all and primed it then a few coats of black satin paint.  Ill refit it all when its dry. 

I also added the number plate in anticipation of the DVLA documents coming through. 

IVA Test number 2

As I did last time, I left early but got there 20 mins late!  There was a road closure about half a mile away and I was stuck for over 20 mins - It rained hard for about 19 mins! Both the car and I were SOAKED but I finally got there.  The re-test was conducted by the same laser beam as last time but one quick test and it was all done. - A PASS!!!

How on earth have I made a car that drives, stops, steers AND is safe? WOW!

Anyway, turned around, headed home and shot off to a work meeting.  No real time to celebrate but who cares - it passed!

IVA Test Number 1

I left home early and headed down the M5 with everyone looking at me (probably at the car) and arrived 45 mins early.  The tester greeted me, made me a cup of tea then went off to read the paper until the scheduled appointment - what a laser beam!  Anyway, while I waited, I filled the car with the jerry can from the boot, installed the "emissions map" and gave it a wipe down as it was covered in grit salt.

0830 arrived and we began the test.  The chassis number was checked against my paperwork and then the test began.  All was as expected, very strict but its there for a reason so no gripes from me.  Got to the end and it was a fail on emissions.  I was had 0.1% too much unburnt oxygen in the exhaust gas.  Nothing dangerous, just oxygen so it was a fail.  Everything else passed so although not over the moon, I was still happy it wasn't anything serious and it hadnt been banned from the road.

Got home and rebooked for a few weeks later.  A few photos from the day...

Monday, 5 March 2018

IVA Test day!!

After monitoring the weather recently, it was due to snow today. Luckily it came early and just 3 days ago I had to drive home in this....

Now it all seems to have melted and hopefully will have a trouble free drive down - albeit around 0 degrees outside.  Needless to say, last night wasn’t a great sleep, I was like a kid at Christmas and I’m up far too early so just killing time updating this before I set off.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Speedo calibration and other little jobs

After my run to the pre-MOT last week and the speedo showing me doing 140 mph!! (I wasnt) I obviously needed to calibrate it. Nice and easy to do.

Press the button on the speedo while turning on the ignition and release it before the needle sweep returns to zero.
The screen then shows SETPPU. Press and hold the button again for about 2 seconds and the current setting is shown.  The digits then flash for 2-3 seconds each before moving to the next number. When the number is flashing if you press the button again it increases.  Once you let go, after 2 seconds it moves to the next number.  Once all numbers are set they all flash together. press the button one more time and DONE is shown on the screen. I set 013021 which is the number for the FORD setup and the figure advised by GBS.

While I was out I did a few other bits.  One was change two nuts to nylocs as noted by the MOT pre test last week.  While I was there I noted a steering gator has a slight nick in it and is leaking grease! DAMN. Tried to repair it but need a new one.

I also used a bit of sealant to hold the washer fluid bottle in place, nice and easy.

And finally I used a bit of sealant to hold the steering bung in place as it keep slipping off.

Left to do:
Trim seat bolts - Not an IVA issue
Trim gearbox if I get chance - Not an IVA issue
Change the headlights back to halogen
Fault find the battery warning light
Put the emissions map into slot 2 and power map into slot 1 on the ECU
Replace the fuses with the LED type that glow red when the blow (its a pain in the arse finding which has blown each time.
Change steering gator.

I think thats pretty much it!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Starter button

A job id put off for months was the starter button as I was worried about the electrics.  Turns out it was simple.  The button was already in place, just needed to connect it up to the two pink wires from the ignition and two wires for illumination. Easy!

Drive to the MOT centre - Part one

This was meant to be the full drive but the speedo stopped working so pulled over for a quick look.  Just a single wire issue so carried on.  So cold, but so much fun.

For anyone wondering why there are no plates, its because its not yet registered.  The trip to a pre-booked MOT is legal in insured, booked and the direct route - all of which I complied with.

Pre-test MOT

As ive mentioned in previous posts, I planned to get my car MOT'd prior to the IVA.  I got her all booked in and was so excited about driving it on the road.  After days of minor minor jobs, I got up early to.....

A think hard frost with the road visually iced over!

After de-icing the wifes car, she followed me down to my local centre just 8 miles away.  After a few miles I noticed the speedo wasn't working.  Pulled over and noticed a single wire and come loose.  No tools with me so carried on and got to the MOT test.  I was 1 min late so "missed my booking" but managed to get every single employee outside to have a look and chat to me about the car - FOR 20 MINS!!! They said id been re-booked for 1330 and to come back later.

I was actually quite happy with that as I got to drive the car again!

Anyway, returned later that day and they put it through:
Emissions - PASS
Brake efficiency - PASS
Headlight alignment (needed tweaking) but - PASS
Tracking - Not able to conduct due to the kit they had
A professional look over and they said it was very well built, so much so they said it was a pleasure to work on that day and the test was free!

All in all, very happy and drove home a happy boy.  Turns out its a thirsty car though so pulled in at the local petrol station for some fuel.  Once topped up and paid, I tried to leave but she wouldn't start. Nothing I tried worked.  After stripping the dash it turns out Id blown a fuse - swapped for a new one and she fired up and I drove home.

Got a handful of minor jobs to do now and only one weekend to do them (due to work) before the test.  Long range weather looks cold but I just hope its not snowing or raining. Anything else I can cope with.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Another day of finishing touches

I though I’d pop out for a few hours and do the last few jobs. I ended up staying out all day and didn’t get them all done.

I started with tidying the oil sensor wiring and extending the wire for the start solenoid. And then went on to check every connection and that the loom was secured correctly. I corrected the fan wiring (as when it kicked it it spun the wrong way) and then got the engine to temperature to test - all good there.

Next up was replace the reverse sensor switch in the gearbox. I jacked the car up and got underneath giving me just enough room to work. Annoyingly I couldn’t get enough purchase on the Allen key so had to approach it from the top.  Battery out, battery tray out and lots of room to access the two bolts. Out it came and in the replacement went.  Tightened it up and tested the reverse light for the first time....

Boom it worked!  

Next up was to refit the battery tray (after tidying the reverse light wires). I was going to put the tray straight back in but decided to wrap it in the carbon fibre wrap I’ve done other parts in. Luckily I had just enough to do it.

Much better! I added the chassis plate to the pedal box too.

I then moved onto stamping the chassis number into the chassis. Nice and easy but if you’re going to do yours, check the stamp, double check and then check again! 

Then my boy came out (not by himself) and had fun holding on and eating anything he could.

Next up I adjusted the front left braided brake line as it touched a wishbone when on full lock. With that done I tried to re-bleed the brakes.  I’ve bought a vacuum pump system so I can do it alone but the bleed nipples let air in when they are loosened so need to seal that and try again.  

I think I’m happy with the engine bay and front of the car now.  All I’ve got left is to bleed the brakes, tidy the wiring behind the dash, fit the stone guards, and I’m not 100% happy with the security of the rear lights wiring so will secure it a bit better.

I’m sure other jobs will crop up but we will see.

I did my usual end of the road and back drive today and the car ticked over to 1 mile!!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Pre-IVA check

I decided to get my car pre-IVA'd, however the cost to get it there, checked and back again was in excess of £600. So, Ive decided to do it alone. 

Instead ive done some investigation, emailed DVLA, VOSA and the pigs (or police as they prefer to be known) and I AM allowed to drive it on the road to an MOT station as long as the car is insured, and the work is pre-booked, and I take the direct route. 

So, Im going to do all the last few jobs this weekend and book it into my local centre for the headlights to be aligned, the emissions to be tested and finally the brakes to be checked.  While I'm there I think ill also get the wheel alignment done so I know everything is as it should be.  This should cost less than £100 so quids in from my original plan. 

Cant wait to do that drive.  Its only 6 miles each way but if it doesnt break down on that run, I should be ok for the hour long trip to Bristol. 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Final jobs...

So she runs, and everything works as it should - How have I done that?

Now its time for the final jobs prior to the IVA.

First up - tune the engine. Its running really rich which isn't good for either the engine, the exhaust or the polar bears so time to sort it.  I got a very kind bloke (Simon who used to work at GBS) remote in and tune it for me. Now runs very well, much quieter and stable.

Sort the tracking out. The wheels are now visibly straight (were only ever a few mm off) but it steers and drives much better and is also easier to push around the garage / drive.  It needs a proper tracking session but this will do for now.

Better secure a bit of wiring - specifically the nose indicators and rear lights wiring.  These have been done with some glue on cable tie blocks.

Fit the wing mirrors - Done although not sure I can see enough for IVA.

Fit the rear view mirror - another nice and easy job and think rear vision is ok.

Re-bleed the brakes - after fixing a weep from the brake pressure switch, they need a re-bleed.  Also need to move the passenger side front brake line as on full lock it just touches the wishbone. Ive bought a vacuum pump to help me as jobs like that are difficult with a baby.

Sort the ride height.  Currently about 10mm too high at the front. Ive bought some tools for the job but they are less than ideal.  Will try another method this weekend.

Stamp the chassis number on the chassis and fit the chassis plate onto the car somewhere.

Extend the cable for the start solenoid as ive got a LHD gearbox but a RHD car so the cable isn't quite long enough.  It fits but isn't quite right and don't think it will pass IVA.  While im there I need to tidy the oil pressure wiring.

Fit a bit more IVA trim around the wishbone mounts.

And finally just run through the IVA test manual and check for anything that I may fail for - then rectify it.

This week I sent off the IVA paperwork so just waiting for them to come back to me with a date for the test now - so excited.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

First drive

Following the start up, I couldnt resist a small drive.  The first attempt was a failure due to the clutch cable needing a bit of adjustment.  30 seconds later I had another go and this is what happened...